Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wanted: Hosts, DJ's and Dancers

Both the World End Pub and the Demon Sanctuary are looking for people in world to help out.

Every thought of running your own night club?
Already experienced in running a club?

The Demon Sanctuary & Worlds End is looking for individuals to manage the club on a day to day basis.
You would in effect be running the club from working the dancers, talking with DJ’s and organising promotion of events and nights.

For the Demon Sanctuary - We are ideally looking for someone familiar with Dance music although a wide range from 80’s electro, Old school through to the latest in hardcore and dubstep.

For Worlds End, we are open to all styles of music and even live acts.

In return you get to keep 100% of your tips and for organising the DJ and Dancers you will get negotiable percentage.

We are looking for potentially two managers to cover Europe time zones (US time zones already have two managers). Contact Hemi Violet by notecard in world and I will be happy to talk through your ideas and visions for the venues.

Looking for a nice place to spin some wax and that comes with a professional, high quality lighting system? Got your own stream to tune in to?
Love Dance Music? We want to hear from you!
We are looking for Both US and Europe Time Zone DJ’s to cover slots.
Contact Hemi Violet for more lets get some air time organised.

The World's End pub is looking for people who want a nice friendly venue to play live gigs.
Contact Hemi Violet for more info.

Fancy earning a little extra on the grid. Like the Sanctuary set up.
If you are an experienced dancers with passion for entertaining guests and would like to work here as a regular member of staff, drop Hemi Violet a notecard and I will organise relevant times for auditions.
We are looking for both Euro and US time zone dancers hosts for regular events.